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We use Youtube's functionality and technology on our portal to make it as easy and intuitive als possible for you to use this web tv portal.

To post comments, ratings, etc. all you need is a YouTube or Google account. Just click on the link below and you will be redirected to the Youtube website. Log in there and you will automatically be redirected here.

If you don't have an account for one of the services yet, you can also register for one there.

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User Guide

Posting comments, ratings and forwarding videos

On our web tv portal you can post comments and ratings to a video, get the code to embed it into your website or forward it to your friends. Just click the according link on the video page and get going. If you are not yet logged in to Youtube when you click any of the links you will be prompted the login-link to Youtube. Click it, log in to your Youtube or Google account and just go on as usual.

NEW: You can now upload your videos directly to this platform by clicking "Video Upload".

What happens to your account data?

On our portal: nothing at all! Your account information is neither logged nor saved in any way. Since you enter your data directly on the Youtube website we don't even get to see it.